Visiting Riders, Trainers and Owners Information

Please read the following information to ensure a pleasant and successful experience for you and your horse while at Farmwood CEM Quarantine Center

Farwood Farm USDA CEM Quarantine Center is allowed by USDA to invite a quarantined horse’s “people” to come visit, ride, work with, or send grooms to be with the horses.  This is a privilege that USDA contracts with me personally.  There are some guidelines that have to be followed and respected in order for me to keep that contract.  Some of them are listed below. We are a government contacted facility and have strict guidelines. I reserve the right to withdraw the invitation to come to the quarantine facility from anyone who finds the requirements to difficult to follow, or feels they should not apply to them.  

Anyone who chooses to come visit or to send someone to handle their horse during the quarantine stay please take responsibility for the horses wellbeing.  The only two horses ever injured while in quarantine at Farwood have been the result of mishandling of tired horses in a new environment by the staff hired and brought in by the owner or agent of those two horses, not as a result of the quarantine process or anything related to this facility. If you send someone who isn’t doing well with the imported horse, I will let you know.  Please believe me if I tell you there is something not working and make a change or take personal responsibility for the outcome.  

I will do my best to make you welcome and keep your horses safe and healthy while they complete quarantine. Be respectful of the facility, the staff, and the other animals or you will be asked to leave and not return. This is a private facility and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. You may only be here by appointment and with supervision. Please respect the appointment times – arrive on time, please be responsible to LEAVE on time.  The end of your appointment time is the time to visit with me, please understand there are many horses we care for, and they are ALL very important and there are only so many hours in the day.

That said, these are (but not limited to) the guidelines: 

There may be only one quarantined horse out and about at a time. 

I have to be present with you when you are with your horse on the facility.  I will be making sure the regulations are followed and that the quarantine process and safety of other peoples horses is not endangered. There is a long list of regulations that apply to various circumstances that I can share with you should the need arise.

We have both mares and stallions in the barn most of the time.  This works very well and is not a problem – if it is for you, please do not come, as your concerns will translate into an unpleasant and potentially unsafe environment for the horses and my staff.

Our USDA vet appointment time is 8:00 AM Monday through Saturday, 11:00 AM on Sundays. The appointments run anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half depending on what is on the schedule. The barn is closed during these times.  Appointments on Tuesdays will be scheduled after 12 noon. 

Tacking up and grooming needs to happen in the assigned stall belonging to your horse.  Washing can be done in one of the three wash racks by prior arrangement, but yours is the only horse that can be out at that time. We recommend using buckets to rinse in the stalls.

DO NOT TURN YOUR HORSE LOOSE IN THE ARENA!!  EVER - FOR ANY REASON!  Please pick up any manure from the arena.

This is a multi horse facility – I will make every effort to meet your needs and desires as to time with your horse, please remember there are other horses that are just as important to their owners and only so many hours in the day, so the facility has to be shared and appointment times adhered to. At no time may you just show up to the facility – you must have an appointment and arrive at that time. If I am tied up please wait for me in your vehicle. Everyone has my cell number, so text me if you do not see me when you arrive.

We feed all the horses in the barn at the same time.  If you are wanting a different schedule- let me know so your horses neighbor doesn’t damage himself feeling he has been neglected and might be starving.  

These horses entire world has just changed and many are very concerned about things that in a normal show barn would not be an issue.  My staff and I work with that to keep all the horses safe and happy so they go home relaxed and recuperated from the travel. You will be expected to remember and respect that. Some horses do not travel well and are very fragile when they first arrive.

Let me know your needs and desires, I will let you know if it works.  I am very flexible where I can be and usually can do my work very early or late in the day to make the farm available to guests, so if something doesn’t work time wise please respect that and be nice.

We love to watch the amazing horses we are honored to host when their owners and trainers are schooling, if you prefer to not have anyone watch you, just let me know. 

You are welcome to take photographs of your OWN horse, please do not take photos of anyone else’s horses while they are here without that horse’s owner sending me an email granting you permission before you take the photos. 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide your horse it’s CEM Quarantine.